Your First Massage Session

For some people, the thought of your first massage could be stressful. You don’t know what to expect or how things go. Well, don’t worry, The Therapeutic Tree is committed to a stress-free experience, every time in a calm and inviting environment. To give you an idea what to expect, here is how your first visit should go.

Picking Your Massage

A Swedish massage is the most common choice for a first-time visitor, because it provides therapeutic benefits while also being relaxing. There are many types to choose from, though. You can see all the types offered here on the Services page.

After Scheduling a Visit

Between making your appointment and arriving to the office, try to take time to go over the Policies page as well as filling out any health history forms on the Forms page. Filling out your paperwork before showing up would give us more time to review your health history and go over it with you.

Plan Ahead

It’s helpful to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early for your appointment. This will give you time to complete your paperwork if you have not already done so online. Plus, it allows you a chance to relax and not have to worry about losing time on your massage session if you are late.

Planning Your Session

Now, it’s time to inquire about the reasons you are coming in for a massage, your current physical condition and any specific areas in which you are experiencing pain or would like to address during your massage. For example: If you are experiencing shoulder pains and frequent headaches, it’s best to take a few extra minutes on your shoulders and head to relieve tension in those areas.

Starting Your Session

Next, you will head over to the massage room where a comfortable massage table dressed with a warming blanket and crisp clean sheets awaits. A chair is provided for your use and for your personal belongings. I will then leave the room and wait outside while you disrobe to your level of comfort. The massage etiquette varies for clients. Some clients prefer to completely disrobe, while some will remain partially clothed. Either option is fine. Once disrobed, you will lie on the massage table, under the top sheet. I will give you a few minutes for this process and will knock on the door to ask if you are ready before entering your room.

You will always be draped with the top sheet during your massage session and an additional blanket is available at your request. The etiquette I will follow is to only uncover the part of the body I am working on, ensuring that your modesty is respected at all times.

You can expect a tranquil and comfortable environment during your massage. The massage table is padded and a heating blanket is placed beneath the sheet, which you can have adjusted to your preference. There will be relaxing music playing, unless you request otherwise, and the room should be quiet, with no outside distractions. Some people like to talk during a massage. Some prefer to relax without conversation. Do what feels best. I’ll follow your lead.

During Your Session

Depending on your specific needs or requests, I will either perform a customized full-body massage (for general relaxation and stress reduction) or focus on the specific parts of your body that you have requested. Let me know if, at any time during the session, a technique or stroke I am using is uncomfortable. I won’t know, unless you tell me. Remember, this is your customized massage. If you have feedback on pressure, lighting, anything elseā€¦ let me know.

After Your Massage

Once your massage therapy session is complete, I will leave the room so you may re-dress. I will then wait outside the room for you with a bottle of water. Water flushes out the toxins that were released during your massage while rehydrating your muscles and reducing potential soreness. I look forward to seeing you for your first visit. If you have any questions about the etiquette during a massage, please let me know and I will be happy to answer you.

Let Me Know How I Did

The greatest gift is positive feedback from my clients. After your massage, I would love if you could help by leaving a review on Google Locals, Yelp, and/or Facebook. And thanks again for picking me in your process of deciding on your massage needs.